Practice Areas

Wright Law Firm Ltd was established by Wright Paul Wright, Esq. to provide quality, cost-effective legal representation to CIC corporations utilizing his extensive prior in-house Corporate Counsel, General Counsel, and CIC Corporate Counsel knowledge and experience. WLF represents all types of CIC's including Homeowner Associations (single-family home and condominium), Commercial Associations, Mixed Use Developments, Master Developments, and others. 

Corporate Counsel

Attorney Wright is recognized by the community association industry as one of Nevada's most experienced and knowledgeable CIC corporate counsel attorneys. Boards of Directors face a wide and unique range of legal issues that require counseling and representation. These issues often include contract, property, corporate governance, maintenance, compliance enforcement, and other related considerations. WLF is able to successfully provide our clients with effective and economical solutions to their diverse problems.

Contract Review & Preparation

Boards of Directors and Community Association Management deal with numerous types of contracts that necessitate legal counsel review. The interpretation and preparation of vendor, construction, maintenance and other contracts can significantly impact the interests of CIC's and their Members. WLF provides our clients with the expertise and assistance required to effectively protect their interests in a wide range of transactional matters.

Governing Document Drafting, Amendment & Enforcement

The Governing Documents of a CIC (Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Reservations of Easements ("CC&Rs"), Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations and Board Resolutions) require initial drafting, and periodic review and revision, to remain consistent with current law, and the ever changing needs of a community. WLF assists our clients by drafting and revising their Governing Documents, and walking the Board and Management through the legally necessary steps to make the changes effective and binding. As the Governing Documents are binding on all Members (and often their Tenants, Guests and Invitees), and are central to protecting the interests of the community, WLF assists Boards of Directors in addressing potential violations from initial policy formation through any necessary legal action. 

Nevada Real Estate Division ("NRED") Investigations 

Occasionally, NRED initiates an investigation pursuant to an Intervention Affidavit (filed against a CIC and/or its Board Member(s)), or Statement of Fact (filed against a Community Manager). Such investigations can result in a hearing before the Commission for Common-Interest Communities and Condominium Hotels ("Commission"). The Commission is empowered with the authority to issue administrative fines, issue Orders similar to an injunction, assess costs of investigation, suspend licensure, and even remove a Director from office. Attorney Wright has successfully responded to numerous NRED investigations on behalf of clients, and has been able to resolve all prior investigations without the necessity of a hearing before the Commission. 

Alternative Dispute Resolution ("ADR")

Some disputes with Members cannot be resolved through the CIC's internal procedures. In these instances, Alternative Dispute Resolution ("ADR" Binding or Non-Binding Arbitration or Mediation) is the most effective and efficient method of ultimately resolving the dispute without litigation. NRED ADR is required by Nevada law (in most instances), before any litigation could be commenced, for CIC disputes. Attorney Wright has extensive NRED ADR experience and expertise, and has been very successful in obtaining the most favorable outcome for clients in ADR disputes, whether the claim was filed by the CIC, or against it.


Most disputes impacting CIC's are efficiently resolved informally through successful advice and representation, and/or through NRED ADR. However, when litigation does become necessary, WLF can provide our clients with the finest representation available. When a lawsuit is filed against a CIC, that case is typically tendered to insurance, and defended by insurance counsel. WLF can monitor the progress of insurance defense and answer occasional questions for the Board and Management. When the CIC is Plaintiff in a matter, or Defendant in a matter of a nature or size that the Board has determined tender to insurance would not be in the association's best interests, WLF can successfully litigate the matter, and/or associate with appropriate counsel possessing specialized legal knowledge beyond WLF's scope of CIC law practice, to assist in more effectively representing all of the litigation needs of our clients.